Workshop in AUB Lebanon

Workshop in AUB Lebanon
The AUB Economics Student Society is hosting a talk by HE *Minister of Economy Raed Khoury* on Monday, November 5th from 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM. The Minister will speak alongside MP *Dima Jamali* and Economic Advisor *Mazen Soueid*. This will be moderated by journalist and media personality *Samar Abu Khalil*.
The talk will cover all current economic issues, titled *“Shu Wade3 El Balad?!”*. We will discuss the electricity and generators file, marijuana legalization and its impact on trade deficit, the stability of the Lebanese Lira, the real estate sector and loans, finishing off with career advice for the worried current Lebanese youth as the Minister himself is an AUB graduate. This will give everyone, interested in the economy or not, a better understanding of the country they live in.
Everyone in Lebanon today is worried about spiraling into a financial crisis- especially current university students who don’t know if they can even find a job after graduation. This event is meant to increase general awareness and societal engagement about everything going on politically and economically in the country- especially in the absence of a cabinet.
Anyone who is not an AUB student and would like to come, please message Anthony Kettaneh on Linkedin privately:

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