Real Estate in Lebanon

Real Estate in Lebanon
By Discover Real Estate
– Shop for sale in Broumana | Maten District
Broumana is one of Lebanon’s main summer resorts due to its relatively cool climate.
Sitting on top of a pine-forested hill, the town has views over Beirut, the Mediterranean coast, and the surrounding mountainous area.
It attracts Lebanese visitors for day and weekend trips.
Brumana also attracts thousands of tourists every summer, eager to escape from the hot and arid climate
• (22.3 km) From Beirut via Matn Express High way
• (29.5 km) From Rafic Hariri Int Airport via Matn Express Hwy
• Coordination of Broumana : 33° 51′ 57.24″ N, 35° 35′ 42″ E
• 750m Above Sea Level
Prime location ✔
Easy access ✔
– 4 parkings ✔
– 240m2 ( Duplex Each floor 120m2) ✔
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