Job Opportunity in Lebanon

Job Opportunity in Lebanon
Job Details
Reference # CP-766-2018
Company Name Multiple Companies – Multiple Projects
Industry Digital Marketing
Vacancy Digital Marketing Wizard
Job Type (FT, PT, Contractual, Seasonal)* Freelancer
Major Mainly:
 Advertising
 Marketing
 Design
 Management or Business
 Basically, anyone with passion,interest, and will to do magic
Years of Experience Students and fresh graduates (up to 2 years of experience)
Education Bachelor or Student
Location Lebanon
Remuneration & Benefits
The freelancer will receive:
 Real life digital marketing challenges
 Money
 Something to add to their resumes/portfolios
 Exciting projects
 Workshops, courses, and training (whatever the project needs)
Tasks & Responsibilities
Each role or project has its own to-dos, including:
 Social media management and copywriting
 Digital analytics
 Paid social and search
 Understanding client briefs, brand guidelines, and different digital platforms
 Understanding audience targeting and segmentation as well as brand
 Meeting with the management and planning team at least once a week
 Attending the required workshops and completing the required courses
 The job responsibilities will vary based on the skill level of the freelancer as well as the requirements
of the project.
Interested Candidates can send their CV to
Do not hesitate to follow our website and Christiane Mouawad on Linkedin for more information