Bamboo Wet Napkins

We are the official distributors of Coolhands wipes 🙂 In Lebanon

Why Coolhands wipes unique?

100% Eco-friendly

Sustainable production and fast growth
The Coolhands wipes are made of 100% embossed bamboo. Bamboo grows very fast and can be transformed to non-woven very easily.


The bamboo wipes are composable
Bamboo wipes are biodegradable. They break down in a period of 4-6 months. But don’t just throw them into nature. We don’t like that.


Controls growth of bacteria
The Coolhands bamboo wipes contains a natural liquid that controls the growth of bacteria and other micro organisms. Click here for the TNO results on this website.

Allergen free

Non-irritating for the skin
We tried to pick only ingredients that have no allergic reactions. We try to avoid chemicals and make the wipes as natural as possible.

Very soft

Bamboo gives wipes a smooth touch
Bamboo fiber is very soft, though very tough as well. It’s hard to tear the wipe, while it gives a very comfortable feeling. You’ll love the softness of it.

Skin friendly

The formula gives you a soft skin
Because of all the natural ingredients the wipes are very friendly for your skin. There is also some glycerin inside which softens your skin. Try for yourself.

Natural fragrance

Nice smell from various flowers
The Coolhands wipes are – in the contrary to most other wipes – not flavored by a citrus smell. We use various flowers which gives the wipes an easy to use smell.

Big size bamboo wipe

Great size for multi purpose use
The folded wipes are 20 x 23 cm. The rolled wipes are even larger, a massive 20 x 28 cm. Especially when eating greasy finger food you’ll enjoy the size.

For every environment

Can be used to clean yourself at various places
Our customers are very creative in what to use the wipes for. They do not only use them on theirselves, but also on surfaces. We hear enthusiastic reactions.

Microwave safe

Can be heated in the microwave
Coolhands wipes can be heated in the microwave with the package. Single wipes for 10 seconds at 600 watts. More at the same time or multi packs a bit longer.

Cooling in the fridge

Frozen wipes are a perfect coolant
Try using the wipes in a bucket of ice, or even in the fridge. During summertime your guests will love them. We even have nurses using them for cooling patients.

Alcohol free

The liquid is non-alcohol based
Usually wipes contain a lot of alcohol for disinfection. Ours don’t. We made them alcohol free and only use natural ingredients to make the wipes bacteriostatic

Why a design studio is an official distributor of a bamboo wipes?

Well, lets say Coolhands gave us an Eco and printable reason!
Now we can offer our customers an Eco-friendly bamboo wipes, plus they can use it as corporate too where their brand can be added to the package.


For more info contact us by email and we assure you that you will get the best quality in the market same as a very competitive price.