Brand Naming

All other factors being equal, the brand with the better name will come out on top!
– Al & Laura Ries

Having the right kind of brand name is half the battle in creating the right kind of brand recall, market exposure and build trust with your target audience. Savvy entrepreneurs and businesses invest in getting the right kind of brand name because they realize that a brand name sticks around the for duration of the business or company and unlike the business logo, color palette or website design, can not be changed once it has been selected and started being used.

At Design Duedate, we have studied the art of creating brand names and have created impact brand names for businesses. We understand what it takes to create the right kind of brand name that not only sounds great but also has a brand story anchor that helps it connect with it’s target audience. We work hard to always keep abreast of changes and trends in the marketplace and ensure our brand naming service is in tune with how the business world works.

  • After in depth research into your company, market segment, target market and competition, we come up with a short list of up to 4-6 different brand names.
  • These names are more generic in nature and the etymology is based on regular words that are used in vernacular.
  • Each will be based on a unique aspect or story line and we will also try and ensure that these names are available as domain names and major social media handles.
  • For all brand name suggestions we come up with, we will try and see top level domain URL web address is available (this is the trickiest part!). However since the brand names are based on regular words, the domain names may not be available exactly as the names suggested and hence derivatives or alternatives may be suggested.
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