Brand Identity

Brand Identity

Make your brand desirable to your target audience through strategic branding and aim at engaging your audience and instigating a powerful communicational channel

What is Brand Identity?

Branding is a holistic approach that structures an overall system including a primary logo mark, a secondary mark, an official brand pattern and other identity system elements. With efficient branding, people will know you without being told who you are and they will desire your products without knowing why!

Why using this service?

  • Price premium
  • Perception of quality
  • Recognition and loyalty
  • Experience and reliability
  • Consistency
  • Differentiation

Additional Benefits ( upon the agreement )

  • Unlimited revisions/tweaks on the selected concept
  • Final file format of your new logo design
  • 100% ownership of the final logo design
  • Stunning Business Card design
  • Versatile Corporate Letterhead design
  • Catchy Envelope design
  • Secondary Brand Mark/Icon, that you can use in places where the primary logo would be an over-kill. Examples could include:
    • Back of a business card
    • Watermark on letterheads or envelopes
    • Usage on t-shirts or uniforms
    • Corporate stamps
  • Examples of situations for Icon usage:
    • Bullet points
    • Menu icons
    • Category icons and more
  • Official Brand Pattern that can be used for inside covers, backgrounds etc. Examples of pattern usage can be
    • Inside lining of apparel
    • Lining of leather bags
    • Lining of product packaging
    • Package external boxes
    • Wallpaper
    • Office glass sticking
    • Vehicle wraps and more
  • Potential product branding suggestions and examples
    • Leather wallets, watches, etc.
    • Cups, coasters, apparel
    • External store signs and labels
    • Vehicle wraps
    • Posters or other print materials
  • Beautiful Email Signature Graphic
    • JPG graphic of your email signature
    • Includes title, address and contact details
    • Light weight and beautiful
  • Brand Style Guide with logo specs and usage guidelines including
    • Logo design specs
    • Color palette and codes including PANTONE, HEX, RGB and CMYK
    • Typography including primary and secondary fonts used
    • Proper size of logo and space around logo
    • Logo background usage
    • Information about secondary icons, pattern, etc

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