Bruno Khater CV

Senior Graphic Designer/ Online Marketer / Web Design and development

About Bruno
I am a serious worker, well organized enthusiastic and ambitious. Always open to new challenges and trying to do my best all the time. I am a good leader and a team worker. I gained a good experience in communication management and services from the jobs I occupied. I am good at branding app design, web design, animation illustration and more. Currently I’m teaching myself Programming.

Surfing over the Internet, acting, drawing painting, Arabic calligraphy, illustrating modeling on 3ds max, character design animation, music, video games, photography.


Degrees & Certifications

SE – Science & Economic

BA in Graphic Design

Masters MA in Visual Communication

Sagesse Achrafiyeh 

AUST Lebanon, An affiliate to the State University of New York New York, USA

LU Furn El Chubbak


At   3D digital

I learned how to module on 3ds max, how to create a face, and animate. Also how to use v-ray, lighting, and how to render. Plus another part was about After effect where I was introduced to some new useful tricks

At hbr-creative platform

I learned how to think as a designer, come up with solutions, brainstorming. I was introduced to some useful tricks and to what we call service design. Later on, during my master’s last year I did some researches and read articles about this subject and practice it on my final master project.

At Btl- production house

I learned how to send files to print. Bleeding techniques. And i was introduced to many paper weight and printing tricks.

Workshops and Seminars attended

  • Communication skills at Aust
  • Design workshop at Alt city
  • Digital design at Wondereight
  • And I attended Seminars held by the following members in the design. Subjects discussed mainly were about being a better designer, and advices to take into consideration plus some info about design.

    Ms. Rola Aboud, Ms. Samat Hawa, Mr. Samah Hakim, Mr. Firas Moughames, Mr. Fady Aziz, Ms. Carla Salem, Ms. Lama Trabolsi, Ms. Nisrin Sarkis Mr. Walid Kanaan, Mr. Michel Habis Mr. Sami Saab, and more.


At  CMC – Construction Company Material
(Lebanon and in the Midlle East)

Launched the design department & working on 6 social media platforms, Web Design, Editing (& coding html/ CSS).
Creating flyers, posters, newsletter, Event Branding & more.

At  Simon Touch

Launched the design department & working on 6 social media platforms + forums & blogging. Web Design, Editing (&coding html/ CSS). Creating flyers, posters, newsletter, Event Branding & more.

At Alternative Characters

I was responsible for 5 clients; working with an account manager and following the monthly plan for the social media activities.

At Colombiano & more

Event in Daher El Baydar, roll up, posters, flyers, social media. Animation, catalogues, business card and more. Some of my clients were, colombiano: which is did for them business cards, flyers, poster, flex, table tops, loyalty card, menu, comment, box, tip box & everything for London branch.

At Book stop

Graphic Designer and working in the laser/vinyl section.

 At Chantilly Chocolatier

Weekly and monthly inventory Products replenishment stock. control and orders display and supervising the team. As well, I was creating chocolate themes for wedding, birth wedding cards, and displays. And I was acting as a manager for 6 months.

 At Casper & Gambini’s – Al Mandaloun Café – Semsom

From 2008 till 2012, I worked in the F&B field. I had many duties such as bar check list, order, and inventory. Plus I was responsible of a team . I Followed up the daily agenda made by me or by the office, and making weekly schedule for the staff. I gained a lot of useful experience such as respecting time and a good communication skills with customers especially when they are mad.

Case Studies

Click here to see Simon Touch case study
Click here to see Simon Touch case study
Logo Design
Logo Design 100%
Poster Flyer Design
Poster Flyer Design 100%
Brand Identity
Brand Identity 100%
Icon Design
Icon Design 100%
Social Media
Social Media 100%
Web Design & Development
Web Design & Development 100%
Google Ads
Google Ads 100%
SEO & SMO 100%

Happy Clients I worked with

Bruno's Recent Social Activities

In 2018 Bruno was elected to be a board member in the LGDS ( Lebanese Graphic Design Syndicate).

Bruno participated in many meetings, shared his ideas, and helped in many activities such as the Hiking event in summer 2019.

He contacted Blom Bank and other banks in order to create the saving system for LGDS members. At the end, the board members agreed to give the project to Blom Bank.

To all the graphic designers who wish to know more about the LGDS activities, kindly follow their Facebook page:

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