About CMC:

Established in 1991 in its current location in Baushrieh, CMC started out as a supplier and applicator of waterproofing products. Since its creation, CMC has steadily grown and diversified its activities and product range to become a renowned provider of comprehensive services to the construction industry.

The company now counts seven showrooms and a wide network of dealers throughout Lebanon, providing professionals and individual households with a wide array of quality products from leading international manufacturers.

CMC’s contracting department has successfully executed various jobs in numerous private as well as prominent projects.

The company’s technical department offers consultancy, recommendation and seminars to inform clients on proper product selection and application, while keeping them updated with the latest innovations.

In conformity with the new trends in the construction industry, CMC is concentrating on environment friendly products that will contribute towards high scoring on the green building certification system LEED.

CMC will always strive to remain a solution provider to any construction requirement or problem, whatever its complexity.

My Perspective:

From a designer perspective, this was a challenging job I took, all the communication was around construction, waterproofing products, construction materials, equipment and so on. 

CMC had 1 Facebook pages and 1 Instagram account back in 2019. 

This step helped the company a lot in spreading the word and leading more visitors to the company website. More awareness, more exposure, more traffic and more sales.

Old post on Facebook by Simon Touch


1- All the images were small/ tall/ long/ bad dimension. Some of the images included big paragraph of information. Which none of the social media users will read, forming a waste area.
2- Bad images, some of them were low in quality.
3- No contact data neither in the image nor written in the post.
4- There is no 
consistency in the work.
5- some comments are not answered.



Website feedback

In my opinion the website was very bad build, and does not respect any UI UX rule. It isn’t fully responsive as well. We had a lot of changes between 2016 and 2019. Some were done by the developer and some weren’t.

The layout isn’t strong you feel like the images are floating, there is not chronologic in the information

See examples here: 

you can not determine which is the title, which information are better and so on.

Click here to see the difference: 

Website Reference

There is no hierarchy of information, which means you can not determine which is the title, which information is the most important and so on.
Click here to see the difference: https://www.keyprogtools.com/abritus-avdi-commander/mercedes-maybach-smart-online

I tried to fix them, and it worked but I had problem with the images and videos.

My solution was to create a certain frame to the images on the website, like so the floating effect will disappear and you ll feel the layout is handled correctly by a grid. This is a trick by me as a designer, and it won’t fix the development issue. This is why I strongly recommend contacting a designer for your site and do not depend on the developer alone.

See examples here:




Even though I have created to most of the pages (the one they gave me information of) banners, which were placed on the top in order to give a brief information for the user regarding the product.

I have created a promotion button in order to insert all the promotion posts by the company. Like so the user can surf directly to the promotion menu in order to know the recent promotions.


I asked as well for an exhibition menu you can find it here

But I didn’t like the layout, I would rather to see a showcase of the images and not text linked to the images.

The footer was very big and I asked to make it small. Even now I find it big, but it is okay, it seems it is a bit difficult to correct a site already developed and designed wrong.

One of the important step I did in those 3 years, is creating a buy now button.  Now every user can surf to any product page and click buy now. This will open a new email with the product name in the subject and ready to write and send to the company. This will facilitate the communication between the user and the company. And actually it helped a lot, and drive a lot of email trafficking.


Thanks all for reading.  In case you want me to help you with your business,
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