Feasibility Studies & Business Plans

Taking on a new Business is a serious decision. It is important to plan exactly what you will need to do to ensure your venture will be a success.
Only then can you judge whether you are likely to be able to achieve the income and rewards that you desire.
Most importantly, each also has its own funding requirement, something you should seriously consider.
Setting up a business
is divided into seven main sections designed to guide you through the various elements of preparation for moving forward
• The money you’ll need
• Prior preparation
• Legal and financial preparation
• Operational administration
• Equipment
• Staff
• Licenses and licensing
A business plan helps you to:
• Consider all aspects of the business
• Decide the best course of action to take things forward
• Have a clear understanding of the New Business and how you can make it work
Christiane Mouawad experience in financial feasibility, valuations and Business Plans covers a wide range of industries and transactions, bringing you the added-value of our insight into key factors of relevance to the study of your project or company.
We can offer you a good package from Project study to execution. We can serve you as well recruitment services where we will chose the right employee for you.
No business can be launched without a corporate identity . Order it now and have a creative and unique identity where we guarantee our creative work will enhance your business image & give you better exposure in the market.

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