GOLDEN International Driver’s License

1. Golden high quality printing and are specially formulated with an optimized chemical composition (metal – Gold 9,999) of dyes and varnish that create brilliantly clear and vivid golden images.

2. Descriptor of golden international driver’s license”Chip” micro processing unit.(Standards: USA Smart Cards, EuroSmart, SCFS, OFSC). Printed information in 8 languages and photographs digitized and stored into the card.

International Driving license permit - Gold member

3. descriptor of golden international driver’s license Extended Validity Period for 20 years. GOLDEN International Driver’s License has extended the validity period.

4. descriptor of golden international driver’s license Transparent hologram overlay Because our holographic images are registered, they offer a higher level of security than “wallpaper” hologram images.

5. descriptor of golden international driver’s license PDF417 (2D alphanumeric) barcode type. This barcodes contain more information than conventional one dimensional barcodes As more data is encoded the size of the barcode can be increased in both the horizontal and vertical directions thus maintaining a manageable shape for easy scanning