Recruitment Consulting

Recruitment consulting for Lebanon and Mena

As a human resource management function, recruitment is one of the activities that impact most critically on the performance and goal achievement of your company. For this, Christiane Mouawad belief that a successful company’s most essential asset is the people that they employ. It is with this professional understanding that Christiane Mouawad acquired a pool of qualified applicants from which we can help you to fill vacancies as and when required across all functional disciplines.
Recruitment Service enables HR & recruiting managers to focus on final selection leaving the attraction, screening and short listing activities to us. This is a comprehensive service that drives demonstrable process improvement as well as significant cost savings.
Our role is to source and attract the best available Talent in the marketplace for our clients to fill in successfully vacant positions within optimal timeframes.
We deploy all our resources and efforts to make ends meet and get the job done applying the best international practices and ethical standards.
Psychometric tests:
We offer also a wide range of Psychometrics/Personality and Motivation Questionnaires and Ability tests such as Managerial and Professional Profiler, Emotional Intelligence, Cultural Fit, Personal Adaptability, Critical Verbal and Numerical Reasoning, and many others as required.
These tests are useful for general pre-hire screening.
References check:
Past performance is often a good indicator of future performance.
So references check is one of the most important steps in the recruitment process.
It consists of authenticating the information supplied to us by the candidate in his/her resume and during the interviews in parallel to conducting our own checks from additional sources.
As part of a search mandate and at the final stages of the selection process or as an independent service.
The process usually includes:
* Verification of candidate’s prior employments (a minimum of two) including the role, tenure, job performance, reasons of leaving, personal and business skills … and any other useful data
* Verification of academic credentials (if required)
* Submitting a final report to the client summarizing the findings
The strength of an employer brand is a key element in successful candidate attraction and we work closely with our customers to
• Develop your employer brand
• Position you as an employer of choice
• Reduce your cost per hire
• Implement consistent recruitment methodologies
• Deliver within tight time scales

If you are a job seeker kindly send your CV + photo to and mention your desired job and salary expectation.