Rima Koussaify CV

Translator, Copywriter, Editor and Proofreader

About Rima
I am a translator who studied cinema and television. My background and interests make me at ease with the media market. I bring linguistic solutions and adapt quickly to a variety of contexts and technical matrices. I become the go-to person when it comes to producing creative and consistent materials.


Online Surfing, Reading Online articles, Cinema, Reading Books, Music, Writing stories, Reiki,Meditation, Walking in nature, Drawing…

Thus Spoke Zarathustra, Being and Nothingness, Zero to One, Invisible Cities, How to Win Friends and Influence People etc



BA  – In Cinema 

BA – In Translation

Lebanese University IBA2 Furn Al Chebbak

Lebanese University Center of Languages and Translation New Rawda


1. Internship at UNHCR Student refugee programme for Syrians in Lebanon
2. Internship at Der Spiegel Iraqi Refugee programme
3. Comedy writing workshop with SNL writer at Ked
4. Reiki workshop with Nawal Fleihan
5. Lacanian psychoanalysis seminar with IPA


Editing, proofreading, finalizing, time coding, QC-ing and translating subtitles for films, series, documentaries, tutorials, instructional videos, meetings, anime and cartoon, competitions, lectures etc.

Proofreading and editing daily YouTube channel content with various subjects and different audiences all over the world

Translating and dubbing series, documentaries and movies from Arabic to English for various broadcasting stations including Discovery, National Geographic, Animal Planet and others; subjects including: sports, crime, animals, adventure, drama, entertainment etc.

Copywriting and Translation of 8 subjects per week in Arabic and English; subjects including: property, politics, leisure, health, technology, travel, motors and home

General Editing and Translating Science books from English to Arabic and vice versa for Librairie du Liban Publishers; subjects including: biology, chemistry, physics and general science

Theses on various technical subjects including: Agriculture, Anthropology, Psychoanalysis and others. Recent tasks involved managing websites contents for Entertainment, Marketing and other purposes as well as film writing.

Fixing appointments, building schedules, handling complaints, contracts renewals and data entry

Arabic 100%
French 100%
English 100%
Spanish 60%

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