Strategic Consulting

Organization Model/Design
Organizations must function in relationship to their environment; therefore, their design should suit their purpose and environment. Our approach to organization model and design begins with a full assessment to determine the strengths and weaknesses of the current model and progresses to designing it to fit the mission. We help create organizations whose people and processes are appropriately aligned with their purpose and environment.
Strategic Planning
We leverage best commercial practices to help our clients reinvent their strategic planning processes. We help provoke questions and facilitate conversations rather than create documents, rely on facts to make key decisions, and involve those expected to implement the strategy in the planning process. We help clients decide where to focus and how to allocate resources.
Strategy Development
We help our clients formulate strategies that enable them to meet their mission and goals by taking advantage of the opportunities presented in highly uncertain and rapidly changing environments—while also managing the risks. We help clients incorporate a long-term perspective into their strategies, while focusing on the best way to get results.

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