The Call Movie Review

The Call,

 is when you hear your name

Two women live in one house, at different times. In 2019, Seo-Yeon arrives at the house with her phone lost only to make contact with Young-sook who lives in 1999 while attempting to retrieve her phone and change occurs for both. It all begins when Seo-Yeon steps into the basement, a symbol of her own subconscious mind, and all the repressed feelings each person locks away try to escape. The ego, Id, and superego are at war to free the female and reach catharsis by repetitive fires that knit the whole two worlds. Reality and the deeper real converse in this amazingly unique experience of growth in the form of a thriller. Witness the untying of each plot knot seamlessly.

“You don’t have to tell me, I already know. Because you and I are alike.”

A movie is a journey each individual takes within their own mind. It is a conversation between the elements that compose the humans that we are. And key points that explain the nature of humanity in general draw the pattern of each maze that takes the form of our psyche. In this piece of art, we are alike, and the two protagonists are alike, even though they look at the image of one another upside down. This colorful portrayal of the female’s structure and the several deaths it anticipates along with the beautiful warm and killing theme of motherhood composes a melodic and harmonious mosaic that is knit between two times.

You are invited to participate in a growth experience that will take you beyond the mirror within the journey toward yourself.


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